This is service I have never had before, from a company I had never dealt with before, and will never be beaten. I have no problem in reccommending this company, but have no connection with them except as a very satisfied customer. I am delighted.

John in Gretna, Scotland.

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Sensor Cleaning Swabs

Use these swabs with our sensor cleaning fluids range. Note: Always remove dry loose dust before using a swab and fluid. 

Alpha Premium Swabs 4pcs.

Ref: JU2100

Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs (4pk) Available in three sizes.
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Plenty in Stock
Swab Size:

Alpha Premium Kit 13pcs

Ref: JU2110

12 x Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs and 1 x Microfibre Cloth.
More Info

Plenty in Stock
Swab Size:

Ultra-Soft DSLR Swabs pack of 10

Ref: JU1114

Ultra-Soft DSLR swabs are clean room manufactured using extremely soft and highly absorbent lint-free micro-fibre cloth. More Info

Plenty in Stock
Swab Size:

E-Wipe Sachets (pack of 24)

Ref: PS0150-25

Safe for use on monochrome CCD's, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image-forming surfaces when used as directed. E-wipe is an ultra pure lint-free wipe. More Info

Low Stock

Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit

Ref: DA0200

The Dust-Wand kit is a low-cost, effective method to wet-clean the sensor in a DSLR. The kit is suitable for all sensor sizes. More Info

Out of Stock

Sensor Swab Ultra (12pk)

Ref: PS0210

Pack of 12 Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab Ultra - Clean room manufactured and sealed swabs. More Info

Plenty in Stock
Swab Size:

Alpha Premium Swabs 100pcs

Ref: JU2125

Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs (100 bulk pk) More Info

Low Stock
Swab Size:

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