Took delivery of your dust-aid Platinum this morning. My Nikon D90 had about 20 dust specks on the sensor; followed the instructions carefully and they are now all gone. Brilliant idea and easy to use.
Kind regards,

Dave Thompson

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Smart Phone Accessories

Selfie Sticks/Remote Shutters

A range of selfie sticks and remote shutters that help you take the perfect selfie or group shot.

Self Adhesive Glass iPhone Protectors

High quality glass screen protectors from GGS, designed for the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5. The protectors provide superior protection for your iphones Screen. They are quick and easy to install and leave no glue residue behind when removed.

Smart Phone Cradles

A range of cradles and mini tripods for your smart phone. Great for watching movies or shooting movies on your phone. You can also fix your phone for stable shooting, this is especially useful for self portraits and FaceTime.

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