Took delivery of your dust-aid Platinum this morning. My Nikon D90 had about 20 dust specks on the sensor; followed the instructions carefully and they are now all gone. Brilliant idea and easy to use.
Kind regards,

Dave Thompson

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Lens Protection

Lens Pouches, Wraps and Bags

A range of pouches, wraps and bags to protect your lenses. We stock neoprene lens pouches and compact camera pouches too.

easyCover Lens Rims

easyCover lens rim protects your lens while in use. The high quality silicone lens ring and lens bumper offer maximum impact absorption while helping to protect against scratches.


Lens Caps

High Quality lens caps in sizes from 37mm to 95mm. Centre pinch release for ease of use and a built in cap keeper cord ( easily removed if not required).

Click here if you need help deciding which lens cap you need.

White Balance Lens Caps

These lens caps feature a translucent white centre that can be used to set a manual white balance in tricky lighting conditions.

Click here if you need help deciding which lens cap you need.

Rear Lens Caps & Body Caps

Rear lens caps and body caps from various manufacturers. Including BRNO dri+Caps, an excellent product for protecting your camera gear from damaging moisture. Fungus growth in lenses and camera bodies, due to excess moisture, can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.

Click here to learn more
Click here for a review of dri+Cap

Filter Caps & Filter Wrenches

A range of Filter Stack Caps to protect your filters from dust and scratches when they are not in use. Plus a selection of filter wrenches.

Lens Band

Simple idea to stop unwanted zoom creep with DSLR zoom lenses. Robust, effective in use and available in a variety of colours!

Click here for further information

Lens Guard™

Durable rubber protectors with soft lined interiors for protecting lenses from the accidental bumps and scrapes that lead to expensive repairs. 6 sizes available to fit most SLR lenses.

Click here for a lens compatibility chart

Click here for a video demonstration

Lens Hoods

A comprehensive range of lens hoods.

Compact Camera Lens Protectors

Accessories for protecting the lenses on compact cameras. including our Multi-Coated glass filters. Easy to install and designed to protect the lens from dust and dirt.

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