The B-Grip is my best friend, the only one I trust to hang to the camera when I am not using it.
Most satisfied with my purchases.
Best wishes

Andrew F.

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A range of products at discount prices!

Foton 'Helion' Video Stabilizer

Ref: FS969

REDUCED! WAS £160.00 Professional stabilization system with adjustable counter balance helps you avoid an unpleasant, shaky image when moving. Designed for cameras up to 3Kgg More Info

Plenty in Stock

Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone

Ref: JU0420

REDUCED WAS £59.95 DV/DSLR stereo microphone. Wide frequency response with switchable soundstage. More Info

Low Stock

Professional Lighting Control Kit

Ref: JU0802

REDUCED! WAS £69.95 Comprehensive kit of light modifiers for tilt and swivel flashguns. Kit includes, softbox, snoot, honeycomb and diffuser. More Info

Plenty in Stock

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