I've just had my first order from you,a Matin neoprene comfort strap.
....and I'm very impressed,very quick turnaround,an excellent website with lots of items with good clear info. I will certainly be using you again!
Many thanks,

Stevie (Bristol)

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Sensor Cleaning

A comprehensive range of sensor cleaning products to suit every photographer. If you require any assistance please call 01793 855663 and ask about our 1 to 1 sensor cleaning tutorials.

click here to see our help and guidance section for beginners guides and sensor cleaning tutorials. To check what size swab you need click here


Sensor Cleaning Tools - Dry

A range of blowers, brushes, speckgrabbers and Dust Aid Platinum. These cleaning products remove loose dust from your camera's sensor. For stuck on marks please see our wet cleaning section.

Sensor Cleaning Tools - Wet

A range of cleaning swabs and fluids to clean your camera's sensor. Use a wet cleaning tool to clean away stubborn deposits which a dry clean has difficulty removing. Always dry clean first, before wet cleaning!

Cleaning Kits

A comprehensive range of sensor cleaning kits supplied with detailed, illustrated instructions. Note: Make sure to order a kit with the correct size cleaning swabs for your camera's sensor. click here for a selection chart

Sensor Cleaning Aids

An excellent range of tools to make the process of sensor cleaning easier. Including loupes to illuminate your sensor and the camera. Sensor cleaning is easy, these tools make it even easier.

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