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V2 Deluxe Rain Camera Cover


Ref: JU0147V2
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A high quality rain cover for Digital SLR cameras.

Matin's second generation deluxe rain cover is designed for Digital SLR cameras and will suit cameras with or without an attached battery grip.

The cover features elasticated cuffs on both sides to make camera handling in the wet as comfortable as possible.

A full width, water resistant zip at the base makes inserting a camera into the cover an easy process.

Dual zip pulls allow the camera to be tripod mounted while inside the cover.

The rear panel incorporates a large clear polythene panel to allow easy viewing of the camera’s LCD. This panel is deep enough to suit pro-specification cameras with a status LCD beneath the main LCD. At the top of the clear panel is a cut-out for the camera viewfinder. The camera’s protective eyepiece can be used to fix the viewfinder in position through the cut-out.

A drop-down protective flap covers the viewfinder when the viewfinder is not being used.

This cover can be used with both short and long lenses.

For use with short lenses:
The lens aperture is approximately 10cm (4”) long and features an elasticated hook and loop fastener at the end for a snug fit around a variety of lenses. 

For use with long lenses:
Above the lens aperture is a pocket containing an extension cover. This can be pulled out to cover lenses up to 48cm (19”) long. Hook and loop fixing tabs allow the user to adjust the fit to suit various lens sizes. When not required, the extension can be folded back into the pocket for safe storage.

  • External strap attachment points.
  • The interior features a mesh lining to reduce condensation.
  • A storage pouch is included.

Weight: 190g (including storage pouch)
Packed size: 20cm x 10cm x 7cm ( 8” x 4” x 2.5”) approx.
Overall size: 56cm ( 22”) wide x 40cm (16”) approx.

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