Just received the extra filter case, refund came through last week. Just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent service and going the extra mile for customers, much appreciated.


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Polycarbonate LCD Protector Generic 2.7"


Ref: JUPG027P
Plenty in Stock

Heavy Duty Polycarbonate LCD Protector for 2.7" screens. Easy to fit with no air bubbles. Provides excellent clarity and protection. Easily removed, but cannot be reused. Dimensions Overall Width: 59mm Overall Height: 45mm Image area (the clear central part): 55mm x 41mm Thickness: 1mm Polycarbonate base material provides impact protection and wont crack. Features 92% light transmission to preserve the original colours of the LCD. Separate UV and hard coatings ensures high resistance to scratching and maximise clarity. Rigid Sheet design is easy to fit, just peel away the protective layer and drop into place. There is no need to squeegee out any air bubbles.

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