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Rogge Navi-Clean TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner


Ref: JU0500
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Very effective cleaning set designed for cleaning smaller screens on GPS/Navigation devices, PDA's/Smartphones and Digital Cameras. The surface of an LCD display is produced from a relatively soft plastic, which is easily scratched. Many screens have an anti-reflective coating and using improper cleaning methods, damage can occur. Solvents should never be used to clean these screens. Rogge Navi-Clean contains no alcohol, yet is highly effective at removing grease and fingerprints to leave a clean, smear-free surface. Produced in Germany Rogge LCD Screen cleaners have been approved by many leading manufacturers such as Fujitsu-Siemens, CTX, NEC/Mitsubishi, Iiyama, and Samsung. Navi-Clean consist of a 50ml pump spray, together with a Vileda® Professional Micro-Fibre cleaning cloth and is supplied with full instructions.

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