Many thanks for the swift delivery. Your excellent product arrived at 1.00p.m., in perfect condition.
I am really pleased, with what is a great piece of engineering and fit.
As we are known to say 'up 'ere',..... " it'a real treat!!"

Ralph Fraser

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GGS Protective Filter for Canon Panasonic LX5/Leica D-Lux 5


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The Second Generation Pro Defence Filter for the Panasonic LX5/Leica D-Lux 5 is made from high quality, multi-coated protective glass
This protector is easily installed onto the lens. It serves to protect the lens and keep dirt and dust from the often delicate self-closing lens shutter mechanism. The filter is made from .5mm optical glass with multiple film coatings to ensure maximum light transmission and UV filtration.
With a decorative black rim, once fitted, the filter is designed to look like part of the camera. The filter is easy to clean and ensures that the camera lens remains clean and scratch-free.
To install; first ensure that your lens is clean and dust free. Peel away the rear protective film and the front protective film. Hold the filter by the edge and place centrally onto the lens barrel. The filter is easily removed if required, but cannot be re-installed.


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