Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit


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The DUST-WAND KIT brings versatility and speed and value to DSLR sensor filter wet cleaning.

This wet do-it-yourself wrapping kit is a very cost effective way to clean welded-on dust from your entire collection of DSLR camera bodies.

The versatility comes from the three included DUST-WAND's needed to clean any sensor aspect ratio, 1.6 (14mm), 1.3 (16mm) and 1.0 (18mm) When it comes to evaporation speed, then there is non-faster than ULTRA CLEAN cleaning liquid.

This non-flammable and non-alcohol based liquid is one of the fastest dissolving liquids on the planet, which makes it virtually impossible for it to seep under the sensor filter frame.

Also included are small cloth clips that are used to hold the cleaning wipe in place. No more having to carry around a roll of tape to hold the wrap, now you can just throw on a clip and the cloth will stay in place.

With the kit comes DUST-CLOTHs, our non woven wipes. There are 50 cloths per kit which come in a zip lock bag to keep them clean. What's Included: 1- DUST-WAND 1.6 (14mm) 1- DUST-WAND 1.3 (16mm) 1- DUST-WAND 1.0 (18mm) 1- ULTRA CLEAN Liquid 3- Cloth Clips 50- 4"x4" DUST-CLOTHs in a zip lock bag.

Note: It is important that prior to wet cleaning a DSLR sensor filter, the photographer must be diligent in removing all surface dust. The most effective tool for this task is Dust-Aid Platinum. It is the photographer's responsibility to assemble Dust-Wand cleaning swabs in a clean, dust-free environment to ensure the swab does not become contaminated.

Full instructions are supplied with each kit. BTW, thanks to Thom Hogan for sharing this inexpensive open source concept of sensor cleaning. His contributions to the photo industry will not go unnoticed.

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