I successfully cleaned my DSLR sensor last night. The sensor is much cleaner and I am much happier. Thanks very much!

Peter Howard

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Sensor Swab Ultra Type 1 (12pk)


Ref: PS0210
Plenty in Stock

This is a Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab Ultra Type 1 (20mm)

Box of 12

Sensor Swab Ultra is the new, upgraded repleacement for Sensor Swab™

Sensor Swab ULTRA is more absorbent and does not shed or leave fibers behind.

Although these items are not officially approved by Nikon or Canon, several digital imaging site message boards have threads discussing the need for cleaning these cameras, and the success with using these products.

Read all instructions first and call us if you have questions - before proceeding.

When used as directed these products are easy to use and safe and yield excellent results!

Full instructions can be found on our Technical Pages.

Sensor Swab Ultra should be used with Eclipse or Aerolipse

Sensor Swab Ultra is also ideal for cleaning other recessed imaging surfaces Fuji recommends Eclipse and Sensor Swab for cleaning their S1, S2 & S3 Digital Pro Cameras! "SENSOR SWAB is recommended by LEICA CAMERA AG for cleaning the LEICA S1 CCD chip." (when used without liquid)

Sensor Swabs should be used with Eclipse or Aerolipse

CCD Sensor Guarantee : Photographic Solutions, Inc. guarantees that it's Sensor Swab Ultra and Eclipse products will cause no damage to the CCD or CMOS sensor when used in accordance with the instructions provided by the camera manufacturer and/or Photographic Solutions, Inc. (PS) If it is determined that these products caused physical damage to the sensor, PS will reimburse the camera owner for the full cost of repairs upon presentation to PS of proof of purchase from a UK approved dealer, camera manufacturer's repair invoice and the damaged sensor. Use of non-approved methods, resellers, procedures or products will void this warranty. This warranty will cover any camera whether or not that manufacture recommends our products or not and is good in any country.
Click here to check which swab size fits your camera




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   If you're unsure of
   how to clean your
   camera's sensor, or
   want to check what
   size swab you need.
   Please visit our help
   pages, here.
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Check out our range of sensor cleaning kits! Some kits contain travel friendly fluid and some have lens cleaning tools too!

There are lots of options available to suit all budgets and cameras. You can find them here.

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