Camera Strap FS-6 Jaguar


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The FS-6 Jaguar is a durable slider style strap designed to make carrying and using a two DSLR cameras as comfortable and easy as possible.

Key to the ease of use is a clever spring loaded quick-release mechanism that makes it simple to release each camera from the strap when required and easy to re-attach it quickly.

The strap is equipped with a wide, ergonomically shaped shoulder pad that ensures carrying heavy camera and lens combinations is as easy as possible. An adjustable (and removable) back pad is provided that keeps the harness tight to the body and reduces camera swing.

Each metal slider carriage includes an integrated brake. When applied, it secures the camera to the strap and prevents the camera from sliding about when active – running or climbing. When released the carriage will slide smoothly up the strap to eye level, for taking photographs.

The cameras are attached to the strap using  circular metal quick release plates. Their large size makes it easy to cinch up tight on to the camera’s tripod mount. The platess are shaped to fit directly onto many arca-compatible tripod heads, eliminating the need to swap plates when shooting from a tripod. Alternatively the centre of the plate feature a standard tripod thread that allows the camera to be directly mounted on a tripod without a quick release plate.

The clever ‘push to connect’ and ‘pull to disconnect’ quick-release mechanism means that each camera can be quickly removed from the strap for tripod shooting and re-attached afterwards. The QR mechanism can also be rotated to lock it shut – preventing accidental release. An additional secondary webbing strap is included for each camera, to provide a breakaway safety in the event of accidental release.

The strap is adjustable for length and includes a quick release buckle with integrated safety lock.

Weight: 650g approx.

Why we like it.
Excellent build quality.
Metal parts for durability.
Clever Quick Release system.
Well designed camera mount.
Smooth slider.
Comprehensive safety system.

For more information on this strap please see here

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