The B-Grip is my best friend, the only one I trust to hang to the camera when I am not using it.
Most satisfied with my purchases.
Best wishes

Andrew F.

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Deluxe Neoprene Comfort Strap with Quick Release


Ref: JU0160
Plenty in Stock

This is the Matin Deluxe Neoprene Joint Strap - Curved.

This strap is an upgraded version of the highly popular comfort strap (JU0153).

It features a large, thick, stretchy neoprene shoulder pad with a non-slip inner to help keep it in position. The shoulder pad is curved in shape to ensure a good fit around the shoulder.

The strap is adjustable in length at 4 points. 

The quick release clips allow the main strap and pad to be removed instantly. The small straps remaining on the camera body, can then be clipped together to form a carrying handle.

You can see a tutorial on how to thread this strap neatly here


  • The minimum length of the strap is 100cm (39") approx.
  • The maximum length of the strap is 140cm (55" approx).
  • The central pad is 50cm (20") approx long.
  • The strap weighs 110g.



The strap is supplied with two metal circular clips for attaching the strap to cameras with circular strap lug holes.

If the camera has standard slot type strap lugs, the metal clips should not be used and the strap webbing simply threaded through the mounting slot.

Note: Images for illustration purposes only. Camera not included.

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