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Comfort Neckstrap


Ref: JU0153
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Give up webbing - its good for your health! We were surprised to discover that a Nikon D200 with our favourite 70-200mm F2.8 lens weighs over 2.5 kg - that's 5 ½ pounds!

While it's not an anti-gravity device, this comfortable neoprene camera strap does make carrying such weight around your neck a tad more bearable. With a grippy rubber inner, it won't easily slip off your shoulder either.

Supplied with clever, quick release couplers, this versatile shoulder strap instantly converts into a convenient hand-carry strap when required.

The strap is adjustable in length at 4 points. Once each side of the central pad and once each side of the quick release clips.

You can see a tutorial on how to thread this strap neatly here

The minimum length of the strap is 90cm ( 36") approx.

The maximum length of the strap is 128cm ( 50" approx).

The central pad is 50cm ( 20") approx long.

The strap weighs 80g.

The strap is supplied with two metal circular clips for attaching the strap to cameras with circular strap lug holes. If the camera has a standard slot type strap lugs, the metal clips should not be used and the strap webbing simply threaded through the mounting slot.

Note: Camera not included!

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