Swabs received today, 100% better, I will be buying a pack in the very near future, THANK YOU again!  Customer service as it’s meant to be.


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DUST-CLOTH MF Cleaning Wipes (pack of 50)


Ref: DA0245
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The first ever, micro fibre sensor wipe!

Designed for use with the Dust-Wand Kit and Ultra-Clean™ Solution. DUST-CLOTH™ MF's are made from a very soft weave of micro fibre cloth that has been tested repeatedly not to scratch sensor filters or their coatings.

Size: 8cm x 8cm (3 x 3 inches) approx.

The main benefit to these micro fibre wipes is that they are designed not to produce loose fibres, which can occur when using non-woven wipes. The sides of the wipes are heat sealed so fibres can't break free.

When correctly wrapped onto a Dust-Wand™ only the centre part of the wipe is used, ensuring, the sealed edge will not come close to the sensor filter.

The Dust-Cloth MF wipes are also more absorbent than regular non-woven wipes, which helps to reduce excess cleaning fluid escaping the wipe and seeping under the sensor filter frame.

  • Micro fibre wipes 99.999% clean
  • Lint free
  • 50 count
  • 3"x3" wipes
  • Comes in zip lock bag
  • Designed not to leave fibres
  • Excellent at cleaning lenses when used with Ultra-Clean™

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