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B-Grip Camera Support System


Ref: JU0157E
Plenty in Stock

B-Grip is a unique and versatile camera support system, that allows a photographer to carry their camera on their waist. Unlike a conventional neck strap the camera is firmly held in place.

Do away with annoying conventional straps that are just a pain in the neck. B-Grip provides secure safe attachment for most DSLR cameras (and most other camera types too).

The B-Grip's simple release mechanism delivers the camera into the photographer’s hands for instant access.

The weight discharge system spreads the camera's weight to maximise comfort and the secure locking mechanism ensures your camera is locked into the B-Grip.

The B-Grip quick release plate features a durable extra-grip rubber surface and includes a handy flip-out platform for stability when placing the camera on flat surfaces.

  • The B-Grip quick release plate fits most standard DIN (4503-2) tripod heads with a ¼” -20 thread.
  • If needed a Tripod Adaptor is available separately.
  • A Travel Kit for backpack mounting is also available separately.

This is the second generation B-Grip incorporating key technical improvements making this highly popular product even easier and safer to use.

  • New - body design for improved comfort and durability.
  • New - safety release switch prevents accidental release.
  • New - rubber stopper prevents the quick release plate fixing screw rotating.
  • New - extra attachment points for mounting B-Grip in specialist situations.

B-Grip is supplied with a belt that fits a waist size up to 120cms / 45”, however you can use your own belt if you wish.

Patent Pending.
Note: For waist sizes over 45” please contact us.

Have a Mirrorless or Compact camera? Check out B-Grip UNO!


  • 1 x Waist Belt
  • 1 x Quick Release Plate
  • 1 x Weight Distribution Plate



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