Took delivery of your dust-aid Platinum this morning. My Nikon D90 had about 20 dust specks on the sensor; followed the instructions carefully and they are now all gone. Brilliant idea and easy to use.
Kind regards,

Dave Thompson

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Easy Cover Screen Protector (twinpack) for 3.5" LCD


Ref: JU1621
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This is a high quality LCD screen protector for cameras with 3.5" LCD screens models. Package contains two pieces and a handy screen cleaning cloth. Easy to apply. Precision cut. Note: Canon 600D protector shown fitted above.

The 3.5" dimension refers to the diagonal measurement of the protector.

The width is 70mm and the height is 52mm.

This screen protector is suitable for 3.0" screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

It is easily trimmed to fit screens with slightly smaller dimensions.



Easy Cover Screen Protector (twinpack) for 3.0" LCD

Ref: JU1620

High Quality LCD screen protector for cameras with 3.0" LCD's. Easy to apply. Pack of two protectors with screen cleaning cloth included. More Info

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