Thanks for the extra info with my parcel, really thoughtful.
Kind regards, John (Aberdeenshire)

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KineStat� 35mm Anti Static Film Cleaner


Ref: KE0546
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The Kinetronics KineStat® is a double sided anti static film cleaner for up to 35mm film.

It is ideal for cleaning 35mm film or slides prior to scanning or printing.

The unit is constructed from a robust steel frame and features two brushes on the lower part and a single brush on the upper part.

Passing a film through the brushes, will clean both sides simultaneously. The 35mm brushes are made from fine natural hair and will give years of service.
A flexible grounding cord is supplied to ensure effective antistatic performance.

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The Kinetronics KineStat� is a double sided anti static film cleaner for up to 70mm film. It is ideal for cleaning 35mm and 120 film prior to scanning or printing. Supplied with grounding cord and magnetic mounts. More Info

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Kinetronics StaticWISK 30mm

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   If you're unsure of
   how to clean your
   camera's sensor, or
   want to check what
   size swab you need.
   Please visit our help
   pages, here.
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Check out our range of sensor cleaning kits! Some kits contain travel friendly fluid and some have lens cleaning tools too!

There are lots of options available to suit all budgets and cameras. You can find them here.

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