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Professional Lighting Control Kit


Ref: JU0802
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This kit contains multiple components to provide a range of lighting modifiers that can be attached to a regular tilt and swivel flashgun.

The components include

  • 2 x Flash Mounting Rings
  • 2" Honeycomb Grid
  • Collapsible Softbox
  • Softbox mounting attachment
  • Softbox Case
  • 3.5" Honeycomb Grid
  • Snoot
  • Spotlight Diffuser

These accessories will transform the lighting effects that can be obtained from a regular camera flashgun without the need for expensive studio flash units and accessories.

To use the kit, a flash mounting ring is first attached to the head of the tilt and swivel flashgun. Two flash mounting rings are provided, each a different size, to ensure the kit is compatible with as many flashguns as possible.

Each component clicks into position onto the flash mounting ring with a simple twist, in a similar fashion to how a lens is mounted onto a camera. This makes it fast and easy to swap components and change the desired lighting effect.

Components that attach to the flash mounting ring include:

  • Snoot -  14cm tall tapering from 9cm to 5.5cm
  • Small Honeycomb - 6cm wide, fits onto the end of the snoot
  • Large Honeycomb - 8cm wide
  • Filter Holder - for 9cm (3.5") square filters. Holds up to 4 filters.
  • Spotlight Diffuser - 15cm width with curved front.
  • Softbox - 29cm x 18xm approx. Collapses for easy storage.

The small flash mounting ring will fit flash heads up to 42mm thick.
The large flash mounting ring will fit flash heads up to 47mm thick.

A fabric case is provided to store the collapsed softbox. The packaging includes an insert to keep all the parts organised.

Overall weight (Including box): 950g

Box size: 33cm x 24cm x 11cm ( 13" x 9.5" x 4.25")

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