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Deluxe Video Raincover for DSLR


Ref: JU0148
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This is a padded, water resistant, camera protector cover for a professional DSLR.

This cover is designed for shooting video in wet, cold conditions with a professional specification DSLR. It incorporates some unique design features to protect the camera when shooting in challenging conditions.

The cover is padded to provide insulation and prolong battery life in cold conditions. Three internal pockets are provided to hold hot packs (not supplied) to help keep the camera battery warm in freezing weather – and the photographer’s hands! The cover is supplied as a 3 part kit.
(1) The main cover holds the camera with a short lens attached.
(2) For longer lenses, a separate extension attaches to the cover.
(3) A separate cover is supplied that attaches at the rear, to cover a viewfinder loupe.

The main cover features Hook & Loop closure making it easy to open and insert the camera with lens attached. Twin zips at the base, ensure the cover will not accidentally open. If required, the zips can be opened to allow the camera to be tripod mounted with the cover in place. There are two clear panels. One at the top, allows viewing of the camera top-plate controls, The main rear facing clear panel allows viewing of the main LCD screen and other controls. The rear panel can be opened to allow the fitting of a LCD viewing loupe. The kit includes a separate adjustable, loupe cover that can be fitted to the main cover to maintain protection in wet conditions. Alternatively, the loupe cover can be fitted and used as viewing hood, if required in bright conditions.

At the front there is an adjustable aperture for the lens. This is suitable for lenses up to 80mm long approximately. For longer length lenses, a separate, padded lens cover is provided that attaches to the lens aperture on the main cover. The lens cover suits lenses up to 26cm long. It can be partially folded back to suit lenses up to 17cm long.

The main cover has elasticated hand cuffs at both sides allowing easy access to all the camera controls.

Weight – 240g approximately
Dimensions 47cm wide by 30cm deep ( 18.5” x 12”) approximately

Note: Although it’s possible to use this camera cover for regular stills photography this cover is designed primarily for video photography. If you need a cover for stills work, our advice is to choose an alternative cover.

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