This is service I have never had before, from a company I had never dealt with before, and will never be beaten. I have no problem in reccommending this company, but have no connection with them except as a very satisfied customer. I am delighted.

John in Gretna, Scotland.

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Foton 'Helion' Video Stabilizer


Ref: FS969
Plenty in Stock

Helion is an irreplaceable solution for filming in dynamic conditions. If you'd like to have a smooth and stable image while moving fast, running or climbing, then Helion is the answer you were looking for.
Professional bearing helps you to keep your camera /camcorder in a balanced position regardless of your situation.
The Helion video stabiliser is designed to support cameras up to 3Kg. A quick release plate allows fast attachment of the camera/camcorder. Grip allows single handed use, while twin handles permit a two handed grip.
Adjustable counterbalance allows perfect balance to be achieved. Mass of counterbalance can be reduced to suit lighter cameras.
Overall weight including counterbalance 2.07 kg approx. Cloth Carry Bag included.

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