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Extending Camera Handle


Ref: MI004
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Versatile extending camera handle for compact camera and bridge cameras.

Extends from 22cm to 53cm approx. Ball and Socket head allows for portrait or landscape orientation.

This useful accessory is an extending handle with a metal ball and socket head designed to hold a compact camera or a bridge camera.

It’s great when you need a bit of extra height to take your photo, or need to shoot some video over a crowd, or access a difficult location. Its perfect for taking selfies when you’re out and about too.

Included is a wrist strap that attaches to an eyelet screwed into the base. The eyelet can be unscrewed to allow the handle to be attached to a tripod. So, now you can add some extra height to your tripod.

At the top is a mini metal ball and socket head. This allows the camera angle to be altered from upright to landscape orientation.  The ball and socket head can be removed and the camera mounted directly onto the end of the shaft if required.

The handle has four sections. The lower section is covered with a soft foam lining to give a comfortable grip. Once extended, simply twist the sections to lock them in place. To collapse, untwist and push the sections together.

The handle is 22cm long collapsed – including the ball and socket head and the wrist strap eyelet.
Without the head and eyelet,  it’s 16cm long.

Extended the maximum length is 53cm - including the ball and socket head and the wrist strap eyelet.

The weight is 135g approx. including the head and wrist strap. 85g without the head and strap.


Note: Camera and Gorilla Pod not included.

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Check out our range of sensor cleaning kits! Some kits contain travel friendly fluid and some have lens cleaning tools too!

There are lots of options available to suit all budgets and cameras. You can find them here.

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