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Tripad Photographers IT Workstation


Ref: TR0010
Low Stock

Tripad is a highly useful accessory for live shooting with a laptop and tripod.
Supplied in two parts for easy storage, Tripad clicks together to produce a robust laptop support. It simply drops onto a tripod to provide an instant work station.
Manufactured from a high tensile strength polymer, Tripad is light but strong, supporting up to 3.5Kg ( 8 pounds approx.).
Photographers and Videographers will appreciate the convenience of having a laptop in such a convenient position.
Edit photographs or video on location, view images immediately on a laptop or just keep up to date with your email.
Tripad includes two slide-out extensions. The right had side is designed for a mouse while the left side includes an aperture for a cup or mug.
Tripad folds flat when not in use, sets up in seconds and will fit most sturdy tripods. It’s the ideal photographer’s location workstation.
Weight: 1650g (3.6lbs) approx.
Size of base: 38cm x 27.5cm ( 15” x 11”) approx.
Size of right side slide-out: 19.5cm x 11.5cm (7.75” x 4.75”) approx.
Size of left side slide-out: 19.5cm x 11.5cm (7.75” x 4.75”) approx.
Cup holder aperture: 7.4cm (2.9”) approx..
Storage Space Requirements: 38cm x 36cm x 2.5cm ( 15” x 14” x 1”) approx.

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