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Electronic Viewfinder Level


Ref: JU0370
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Electronic Viewfinder Level for SLR Cameras
Manufactured by GGS, this electronic level can be used mounted on the camera’s viewfinder to indicate when the camera is level. It can also be mounted onto the camera’s hot shoe  or used as a level off-camera. Using a precise 3-axis sensor with built-in CMOS data processing, the level can give a red/green indication when the device is tilted or level.
Viewfinder use.
The device can be mounted onto the viewfinder of Canon, Nikon and Sony SLR cameras via an adaptor plate. 5 adaptor plates are supplied ( 2 x Canon, 2 x Nikon and 1 x Sony). In use, the photographer can frame the shot as usual, with an in-viewfinder red/green indication when the camera is level (ie. Horizontal left to right).
Hotshoe use
The level can also be mounted onto the camera’s hot shoe flash connector. Ideal for tripod use. Two sets of 3 indicators are provided. The top set indicate horizontal while the side set indicate Tilt ( forward/back). The red-green-red triplets indicating which direction to move the camera to achieve a level position. The tilt set of indicators can be switched off separately to reduce power consumption.
Off-Camera use
The viewfinder lens and hot shoe mount assembly can be removed from the device. Removing the assembly gives the device a flat base, allowing it to be used off-camera to check almost any surface to ensure it is level. The bright indicators making it extremely useful if you cannot get close to a conventional spirit level to see the bubble.
The device is powered by three AG12 button cells (provided)

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