The product is as promised, seems to be very sturdy and it fits me perfectly. I can't wait to use it. :-) Thank you again. I will make sure to recommend you to all of my friends.

Jens Bang (Denmark)

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Mini Video LED Lamp


Ref: JU1601
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Mini-Video Light

Extremely compact but surprisingly powerful LED lamp

Powered by 8 bright LED’s, this lamp be used in a variety of ways.

It can be tripod mounted using one of 3 tripod sockets in the base.
It can be mounted onto many flash hot shoes, using the mount adaptor supplied*
It can be mounted onto many smartphones using a dummy 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor supplied.

The light output is adjustable via a control wheel on the top plate, which also features the power switch and timer button.

Charging is by a standard USB port, A USB cable is included.

The rear panel features 4 leds indicating battery status ( 100,75,50 & 25%)

Size: 70mm x 42mm x15mm ( 2.8” x 1.6” x .6”) approx.
Weight = 32g
Colour Temperature: 5600K
Power Draw: 2W
Power Connector: 5V Micro USB

*We have tested the supplied hotshoe adaptor on Canon and Nikon Cameras, where it fits perfectly. We tested it on two Panasonic cameras, where the adaptor did not fit, as the hot shoes were too tight. It has not been tested on other camera bodies.

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