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Macro Arm Light


Ref: JU0857
Plenty in Stock

This handy macro light features two led lamps on flexible stalks which make it easy to adjust the lighting effect.

It slots into the hotshoe and locks into into position.
Minolta/Sony Adaptor included (see below)

Ideal for filling in shadows during macro photography.

Heat free LED technology
Bright HD-friendly soft light
Flicker-free light output
50,000 hour LED life
All-in-One camera light – no cables
Lightweight & Compact

8 Steps Brightness*
2 Flexible 23cm LED Lamps
2 x CR2025 Lithium Battery (Supplied)
Daylight Output ( Cool white - 5600°K)
Weight 55g approx.
Size:  265mm x 26mm x 20mm
Power Consumption: 0.12W

* Each LED is switchable to Off/ Low/Bright positions.
Each LED operates at a different brightness. This gives 8 different lighting levels total.

This unit slots into a standard camera hotshoe. A plastic adaptor is included for mounting onto Sony/Minolta DSLR type hotshoe fitting. For other cameras, such as Nikon 1 Series or Sony Nex series, you may need an MSA type adaptor available separately.

MSA-2  For mounting on a Sony camcorder with active interface shoe.
MSA-5 For mounting on a Nikon 1 with Multi Accessory Port
MSA-6 For mounting on a Sony NEX Series camera with Smart Accessory Terminal

Call for details on MSA adaptors.



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