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Matin DSLR Camera Rain Cover (Large Size)


Ref: JU0149L
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This simple, but effective rain cover, fits most popular Digital SLR's.

Designed to accommodate lenses up to 400mm, the cover is fast and easy to fit. The camera may be tripod mounted or used handheld with the cover in place.

The cover features a clear panel in the rear to allow the camera LCD to be seen. A small aperture protected by a protective flap allows an uninterrupted view through the camera viewfinder.

Silver fabric provides heat protection on hot days.

Weighing around 100g this cover is light enough to take everywhere. It packs down well, so won't take up much space in your camera bag. It's easy to operate the camera controls while in use, while the clear rear panel lets you see the LCD screen.

The viewfinder aperture can be clipped in place using the cameras own eyepiece adaptor to allow an unobstructed view through the viewfinder. When not using the viewfinder, a hook and loop fastened flap provides protection.

Not only useful for rain, this cover provides a degree of protection from dust and is a useful accessory when using a Digital SLR on a sandy beach.

Why we like it · Inexpensive · Light · Easy to use · Flexible

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