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Insulated Camera Rain Cover


Ref: JU0150
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Not all SLR'S are weatherproof! A highly useful accessory for the Digital or Film SLR Photographer.

This cover provides a protective layer for those times when you have to shoot in the rain or snow. The cover is manufactured with an insulating layer that resists the cold to maximise battery life. The insulating layer providing the additional benefit of reducing shutter noise, essential in wildlife photography or when shooting in theatres.

The clever design features a snug fitting armsleeve for holding the camera while a hook and loop type closure allows easy access to camera controls or tripod mounting.

A clear window at the rear allows the LCD screen to be viewed while a flip up panel permits direct access to the camera viewfinder.

The lens aperture is approximately 10cm long and features a drawcord at the end for a snug fit around a variety of lenses.

An extension allows lenses up to 40cm long to be covered. When not required, the extension tucks into a storage pocket for convenience.

Weighing around 135g this is an essential accessory for UK Photographers!

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