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Mini Sensor Cleaning Kit


Ref: JU0542
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Mini Sensor Cleaning Kit

This is a sensor cleaning kit for wet cleaning the sensor in an interchangeable lens digital camera.

The kit contains 5 x Ultra-Soft swabs, a bottle of Sensor Solution and comprehensive step by step instructions.

The kit is available in 4 versions, each with a different width sensor cleaning swab.
Make sure you order with the correct size swab for your camera.

Please see our size guide here.
Swab Size Chart

This kit is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers looking for a low cost kit to wet clean the sensor in their camera.

Inside the kit are a set of Just’s individually packaged, Ultra-Soft swabs and a bottle of non-flammable, fast evaporating Sensor Solution. Clear, illustrated instructions show the photographer how to clean the sensor.

Important: All sensors should be dry cleaned before wet-cleaning, to ensure any loose particles of dust are removed from the sensor prior to using a wet swab. Please refer to our guidance pages for more information: Help

Note: The fluid in this kit must only be used for cleaning the sensor or sensor filter surface and/or the glass parts of your lens/filter. If you need advice on cleaning other parts of your camera equipment, please ask us. We will be happy to help.

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Plenty in Stock
Swab Size:
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