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Glass LCD Protector for Panasonic GX80/85, FZ2000/2500, G7, FZ300, G80/85, LX10/15


Ref: JU1660
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Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for a Panasonic Lumix DC-GX85

Also fits GX80, FZ2500, FZ2000, FZ300, G7, G80, G80, LX10, LX15

This LCD screen protector is manufactured from a sheet of ultra-thin optical glass. Its static adhesion method leaves no sticky residue behind on the LCD. Multiple layers of protective material shield your display from dirt, scratches sweat, smears and light impact damage. The shatter-proof glass blocks UV rays while allowing visible light in. The protector is easy to install and just as simple to remove. The protector can be cleaned using the provided microfibre cloth.

The protector measures
73.95mm x 50.45mm

Package includes:

1 x Screen Protector (Glass)
1 x Wet Cleaning Tissue
1 x Dry Cleaning Tissue
1 x Microfibre Cloth

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