Many thanks for the swift delivery. Your excellent product arrived at 1.00p.m., in perfect condition.
I am really pleased, with what is a great piece of engineering and fit.
As we are known to say 'up 'ere',..... " it'a real treat!!"

Ralph Fraser

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Foton 'Neon Pro M DSLR' Video Shoulder Support


Ref: FS957MD
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The Foton ‘Neon Pro M DSLR’ is a versatile video shoulder support designed to work with a wide range of DSLR cameras and Camcorders.

The Neon Pro M DSLR is equiped with a Manfrotto Quick Release System with a 501PL plate.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium and featuring twin padded shoulder rests for complete hands free operation if required. The Neon Pro M DSLR is fully adjustable via a sliding camera bracket with a new camera mount and a Manfrotto 501PL quick release plate.

Additional stability in use is achieved via a (removeable) telescopic support arm at the front. This can be adjusted to any angle and folds flat for easy storage in the provided carry bag.

Twin 15mm rails allow the easy mounting of standard accessories such as follow focus or a matte box.

The camera mount can be moved to different positions and there are two accessory slots for mounting lights, microphones etc.

Weighing only 2.6kg, The Neon Pro M DSLR provides the videographer with a highly stable platform suitable for a variety of video applications.

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