I successfully cleaned my DSLR sensor last night. The sensor is much cleaner and I am much happier. Thanks very much!

Peter Howard

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USB GoPro Hero 5 Charger


Ref: NC009
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This Nitecore charger is designed to charge GoPro Hero 5 Black batteries.

It features two slots and it automatically detects battery status and selects optimal charging mode.

Nitecore camera battery chargers are lightweight and compact, they free up space in your camera bag or suitcase, perfect for travelling.

The built in USB cable takes the place of a bulky mains lead and when not in use it can be tucked into the charger for protection.

The  status display lets the user monitor power level, charging current, battery voltage, charged volume and battery health.

Main Features:

  • Mains lead free.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Battery status display.
  • Built in USB.

Compatible with:

Battery type: GoPro Hero 5 Black


Batteries not included.


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Plenty in Stock
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