Zip Photographers Gloves Small


Warm, durable gloves designed for photographers. These gloves have nice grippy palms with finger & thumb opening tips.

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Zip Photographers Gloves Small

These black gloves have several features that make them ideal for photographers.

Manufactured from a soft shell outer with a warm fleece lining.

The palm side is covered with small silicone dots for excellent grip.

The back side of the left glove has a small zipped pocket for storing a memory card.

The forefinger and thumb tips can be opened to improve shooting control.

Once opened, the tips are held open by small magnets embedded in the glove.

This ensures that the tips stay out of the way, but are easy to pop back on when needed.

When not in use, the gloves can be clipped together to prevent loss.

Size: Small

Length:25cm (9.8″)
Width: 11cm (4.4″)
Weight: 100g

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