Neoprene Fast-Access Strap 3


Comfortable shoulder strap from Matin with wide, stretchy neoprene shoulder pad and fast access camera slider. Attaches to camera via camera strap lug.

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Neoprene Fast Access 3 shoulder strap from Matin.

This strap is worn diagonally across the shoulder and allows quick access to the camera via a slider.

Suitable for most lightweight DSLR’s and many Mirrorless Cameras.

We do not recommend this strap for Professional DSLRs such as the heavy Nikon D3/D4 or Canon 1D Series.

An extremely comfortable way to carry a camera, the Fast Access strap is worn across the shoulder using a thick, wide neoprene pad to spread the load. A secondary adjustable strap fits under the arm to keep the main strap in position. It can be removed if not required.

The camera is attached to the strap via the standard strap lug fitted by the camera manufacturer. Unlike other sliding strap designs, this leaves the camera’s tripod socket unused. It also means the camera does not hang upside down.

With the tripod socket free, it’s easy to remove the camera from the strap and mount it onto a tripod.

The strap features a quick release snap hook that lets the camera be unclipped from the strap quickly. Unlike regular snap hooks there is an additional security latch built into the snap hook that prevents accidental release.

An adjustable ‘stop’ ensures the camera hangs in a comfortable position.


  • Easy to attach and detach with robust quick release buckle.
  • Adjustable and detachable side strap retains shoulder pad in place.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Adjustable ‘stop’ clip keeps camera in position and prevents it from sliding backwards.
  • Quick release attachment with extra security.
  • Wide, thick, stretchy neoprene shoulder pad with non-slip pad for comfort.

Length: 120cm – 160cm approx.

Pad size: 400mm x 65mm approx.

Note: Images for illustration purposes only, camera/tripod/plate not included.

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