Reversing rings for four thirds cameras


A reversing ring allows a photographer to fit a lens onto their camera reversed. It can be used to turn a lens into a macro lens.

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Reversing rings for four thirds cameras.

  • This reversing ring allows the photographer to fit a lens of any brand onto a 4/3 mount camera.
  • One side of the ring has the fitting for the lens mount
  • The other side has a filter thread to attach to the lens.

Fitting a lens reversed onto the camera will often turn it into an effective macro lens. The effect will vary from lens to lens. Since the lens is fitted reversed, there will be no control of the lens from the camera. It is important that a lens is used where the aperture can be controlled manually. Older lenses are often ideal for this use as they usually have an adjustable aperture ring.

  • As the lens attaches using the filter ring, it is easy to mount any brand of lens this way.
  • Note – the sample images shown here may show other models.
  • Note: This ring is is suitable for use on 4/3 mount cameras only.
  • It is NOT for use on Micro 4/3 Mount cameras