Digital Grey Card Set with Neck Strap


Set of 3 colour balance cards

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Digital Grey Card Set with Neck Strap

This is a set of 3 white balance cards – Grey, White and Black.

Each card is manufactured from a durable semi-rigid plastic approximately .8mm thick. Each card measures 85mm x 54mm approx. The cards have a small hole in one corner which allows them to be linked together with the supplied clip-on neck strap.

Setting a correct white balance is a key step in ensuring your images render colour correctly. This is especially important if you shoot in .jpg format, as white balance cannot be corrected in post processing. The ability to change the white balance in post processing, is one of the reasons photographers shoot in raw format.

Relying on the camera’s auto white balance setting can easily produce errors leading to poor colour reproduction. This is especially true when shooting is mixed lighting conditions. E.g. indoors with both fluorescent and tungsten lighting.

Most cameras allow a manual white balance to be set using a known reference – which these cards provide. Setting a manual white balance in the conditions you shoot in takes seconds, leads to accurate colour and less time spent in post processing.

These cards are formulated to be spectrally neutral under all lighting conditions. i.e. the light reflected from these cards is a true and accurate representation of the physical qualities of the light illuminating the card.

The cards can be used to set a manual white balance in the camera. Alternately, they can be placed in the scene and photographed, to provide a known reference colour.

The supplied neck strap makes it easy to carry the cards and then unclip them for a quick reference image.

Clear instructions are supplied. Before purchasing, do check that your camera can be set for a manual white balance.

Size: 85mm x 54mm approx x 3.
Weight: 36g including neck strap.