Camera Wrist Strap


Comfortable stretchy neoprene wrist strap with quick release

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This is a comfortable camera wrist strap.

Designed to be slipped over the wrist it provides security against theft of your camera while preventing you from accidentally dropping it.

The strap attaches to the camera with a strong webbing loop through the cameras strap lug.

The loop attaches to the wrist strap via a robust quick-release connector. The quick-release makes it easy to remove the strap when necessary (when on a tripod for example) and refit again.

The strap is manufactured from a soft, stretchy neoprene which slips easily over the wrist. A sliding cinch can be adjusted on the strap to tighten it onto the wrist, if required. It’s extremely comfortable while at the same time being secure but still easy to remove.

  • Length of strap: 230mm (excluding webbing loop)
  • Width: 33mm
  • Weight: 30g