BRNO baLens cap with centre pinch


BRNO baLens, high quality centre-pinch white balance lens cap with standard and warm filters.

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BRNO baLens cap with centre pinch.

The baLens lens cap and white balance system is an easy to use solution for achieving consistent white balance regardless of light source.

Most photographers know that the camera’s auto-white balance does not always produce accurate results, especially when shooting under mixed lighting. baLens is a simple, smart, functional solution, perfect for both professional and enthusiast photographers.

baLens replaces your lens cap. Its high quality centre-pinch design allows it to be used with the lens hood fitted. The centre part of the cap features a white balance filter that makes it easy to shoot a white balance reference photo at any time. Now it’s easy to achieve accurate colour without carrying any additional accessories.

baLens is supplied with two filters. A standard filter and a ‘warm tone’ filter designed to achieve warmer skin tones. Changing filters is easy with a simple locking ring. The warm tone filter is marked for quick identification.

So, now there’s no excuse for poor white balance – regardless of your shooting situation.