Thanks again Peter. Goods arrived this morning.
Brilliant 110% service.
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Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit

Ref: DA0200

The Dust-Wand kit is a low-cost, effective method to wet-clean the sensor in a DSLR. The kit is suitable for all sensor sizes. More Info

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Dust-Aid Ultra-Clean Cleaning Fluid (15ml)

Ref: DA0220

Ultra Clean is the fastest evaporating sensor cleaning liquid in the world! This non-flammable and non-alcohol based liquid is the perfect solution for the travelling photographer. More Info

Plenty in Stock

DUST-CLOTH MF Cleaning Wipes (pack of 50)

Ref: DA0245

The first ever, micro fibre sensor wipe, use with the Dust-Wand Kit and Ultra-Clean´┐Ż. Made from a soft weave of MF cloth. It has been tested repeatedly not to scratch sensor filters or their coatings. More Info

Plenty in Stock

Dust-Aid Platinum Sensor Cleaning Kit

Ref: DA0300

DUST-AID Platinum is a highly effective tool for removing dry dust from any DSLR sensor. The kit contains a cleaning wand and 6 cleaning strips. It gently lifts off dust, without rubbing the sensor. More Info

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Replacement Cleaning Strips for DUST-AID Platinum

Ref: DA0310

12 replacement cleaning strips for DUST-AID Platinum. Used to clean dust and fibres from the Platinum's silicone pad.
More Info

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