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LCD Protectors

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We always use LCD protectors on our cameras. They allow you to clean the screen without causing any wear and tear on the actual LCD surface. They also protect against bumps and scratches and they are touchscreen compatible. Plus they are easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue.

We have LCD protectors to suit a wide range of cameras from different manufacturers. Note that some protectors will fit multiple models of camera.


A high quality glass protector. Manufactured from 0.3mm or .5mm optical glass. These protectors feature a printed black border to match the LCD border on your camera. Easy to fit and almost invisible once installed.

Larmor 5th Generation

These latest generation LCD protectors are manufactured from optical glass and feature a protective metal border around the edge. The border increases protection and allows the included pop-up sunshade to attach magnetically. These protectors work with the GGS Ocular folding viewfinders.

easyCover Tempered Glass

These tough clear glass protectors are easy to apply and provide excellent protection at a great price. Touchscreen compatible, they are supplied with a wet wipe and microfibre cleaning cloth.

JJC Optical Glass

Manufactured from ultra thin optical glass up to 9H in hardness. Multi layered to provide UV and a high degree of impact protection.

easyCover Flexible

Low cost flexible thin plastic screen protectors supplied in a pack of two. Custom cut for a selection of cameras and also available in generic 3.0”, 3.2” and 3.5” sizes. Easily cut to size if required.