The product is as promised, seems to be very sturdy and it fits me perfectly. I can't wait to use it. :-) Thank you again. I will make sure to recommend you to all of my friends.

Jens Bang (Denmark)

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Sensor Cleaning Product Recommendations

As our aim is to stock a wide range of cleaning products, it can be difficult for a first time purchaser to decide which product they need. This guide will take you through some our sensor cleaning product range and recommend a few products based on your needs and experience.

For an overview of the different sensor cleaning technologies click here

For a complete tutorial on sensor cleaning, click here

Don’t forget to consult our reference charts here to identify the correct type of cleaning materials for your camera.

You can use the links below to skip to each section.

I have never cleaned my sensor before

You should certainly read the beginners guide to sensor cleaning which can be found here.

For a first time clean, we recommend our Introductory Kits

Just Introductory Cleaning Kit

This kit contains a blower to deal with loose dust, a sample pack of Photographic Solutions ultra-soft lens wipes, 6 Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs and a bottle of Eclipse. A handy case is supplied to store the components, which is large enough to accommodate full refill packs.

I need a safe, low cost kit which is good for a few sensor cleans

The Just Sensor Multipack contains 5 Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs, 10 Flexible Foam Swabs, a bottle of Eclipse and a sample pack of Photographic Solutions ultra-soft lens wipes.

Just Multipack Kit

I want a safe easy to use, effective product to deal with the dust on my sensor

In our opinion, Dust-Aid is the easiest to use and most effective product available for cleaning away loose dust from the sensor. You can read more about Dust-Aid here.

Dust-Aid Kit

I want a safe, easy to use product to clean the sticky marks off my sensor

We have no hesitation in recommending Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs and Eclipse cleaner. Sensor Swabs are clean room manufactured, supplied in individual sealed pouches and are warranted safe for use on sensors by Photographic Solutions. They have been used for cleaning Digital SLR sensors by photographers worldwide for over ten years. Sensor Swabs and Eclipse are approved by Kodak, Fuji, Leica and Sony. They are easy to use, and highly effective at removing stuck-on and greasy marks.

Sensor Swabs & Eclipse

I’d like to use a brush to clean my sensor

The D-SLR brush is an effective solution to removing dust from the sensor surface. Supplied as a kit, with a blower to charge the brush, it is a low cost and easy to use solution to dust, but will not remove stubborn marks from the sensor.

D-SLR Brush Kit

The D-SLR Brush is available in 3 sizes to suit different sensors and the kit comes complete with some foam swabs to clean the mirror box.

I want an easy to carry, comprehensive travel kit containing all I need to keep my Digital SLR clean.

The Just Professional Cleaning Kit contains everything required to clean a modern DSLR. Packed into a handy storage case is a full box of Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs, a full bottle of Eclipse cleaning solution, a pack of ultra-soft Pec*Pad lens cleaning wipes, a bulb blower, a Kinetronics SpeckGrabber and Anti-Static cleaning brush and an antistatic cleaning cloth

Just Professional Cleaning Kit

I just want a low cost solution to cleaning my sensor.

The lowest cost-per clean can be achieved by using a Dust-Aid Dust Wand Kit. The kit includes cleaning solution and enough wipes to build 50 cleaning swabs. This method produces an effective clean, albeit with the overhead of building your own swab for each clean. Users should note there is no warranty on sensor damage. Users of this method should take extra precautions to ensure that the materials are not contaminated while assembling each swab. Read more here


We produce a low-cost kit with full instructions that show how to build the swab and clean the sensor.

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