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Digital SLR Cleaning Methods

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Swab Based Systems

All the methods described so far, can be used to deal with loose contamination particles. These methods can suffice for some time, but eventually, all sensors reach a point where the amount of hard to remove stuck-on contamination means that the sensor has to be wiped clean with some cleaning solution and some form of swab. There are a number of swab systems available including swabs you can assemble yourself. There is also a choice of cleaning fluids. These are either alcohol based or water ( detergent based).

Eclipse – Alcohol

We recommend using Eclipse solution which is an alcohol based product available in two types ( For coated and non-coated sensors). The reason we approve of Eclipse is because it is highly effective at cleaning greasy marks, it evaporates extremely quickly, before the fluid can migrate elsewhere and it evaporates totally, leaving no deposit.

Water based cleaning solutions are more prone to smearing and do not evaporate effectively.

Good Points – Highly Effective; Does not smear; Evaporates Quickly.
Bad Points – Flammable.

Sensor Swabs

Eclipse Solution is designed to be used with Sensor Swabs. These are clean room manufactured DSLR sensor cleaning swabs. Used as directed, Sensor Swabs are extremely effective at cleaning greasy marks from the sensor. Sensor Swabs are manufactured in 3 different sizes to ensure a precise with the different sensors used in modern DSLR’s. Recommended by leading manufactures including Kodak, Fuji, Leica and Sony, Sensor Swabs are warranted by the manufacturer to be safe to use to clean your sensor.

Sensor Swab

Good Points – Easy to use; Highly Effective; Recommend by manufacturers; Warranted safe to use.
Bad Points – Expensive.

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