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Digital SLR Cleaning for Beginners

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Although dust is ever present and it’s impossible to prevent the sensor becoming contaminated. Adopting a ‘think clean’ attitude can reduce sensor dust. So, keep the body of your camera clean and dust free – micro fibre cloths are low cost and excellent for this. Keep the camera in a case when its not being used. Keep your lenses clean, especially the rear element and lens mount, which will prevent dust falling into the camera when you change lenses. Don’t lose the rear lense cap and always keep it on the lens when not in use. If outside, turn your back to the wind when you change the lens, to prevent airborne particles entering the body. Keep the body pointing down when changing lenses. These are all simple measures that will go a long way to helping you to manage the dust problem.

And finally…

The modern DSLR is a most versatile photographic tool. Don’t let sensor dust spoil your photography. Use your lenses and make the most of your camera. As you have seen, sensor dust is an easily managed issue.

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