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How to thread  a camera neckstrap correctly

(in our humble opinion)

It's easy to thread a camera neck strap neatly. It always surprises us how many straps are threaded with the loose ends of the strap flapping around. Hopefully this pictorial guide will help you to thread your neck strap nice and neatly. We used a Matin Comfort strap here, but the guide should work for most conventional neck straps.

Here is our strap, let's name the components.

(1) First, thread the slider onto the webbing.

(2) Then add the loop.

Don't worry if your strap doesn't have a loop, as it's not  a critical item.
Now we can start threading the strap.
(3) Thread the webbing through the strap mounting lug, going from right to left as shown below.


So it looks like this.

(4) Now thread the webbing back through the loop.

(5) Now take the slider and make a curve of slack webbing on the top side.

(6) Once the curve is formed, thread  the webbing, up into the curve, to the left side of the central bar.

(7) Then back down, away from the curve, to the right side of the central bar.

(8) Pull enough webbing through to reach close to the loop, and tighten up the curve formed in step 5.

(9) Now slide the loop up toward the slider, to grip the webbing.

Isn't that nice and neat?
(10) Now just repeat  on the other side of the camera, using the other end of the strap!

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