Advice on selecting the correct lens cap.

This page is designed to help customers who do not know which lens cap they need to order.
Our lens caps are designed to clip into the filter thread on the end of the lens.

If you have a compact camera, a bridge type camera, or a video camera without a filter thread, then it's unlikely any of our lens caps will fit.

Generally, our caps are designed for interchangeable lenses used with Digital SLR's. They also work with lenses from other formats such as Micro 4/3rds, the Nikon 1 system and the Sony NEX system.

Our lens caps are in standard sizes from 37mm up to 95mm.

To order a lens cap to fit your lens, you need to know the filter size for your lens. At the very front of your lens, is a threaded ring designed to take a screw-in filter. Regardless of the make of your lens, this ring will usually be a standard size, usually in the range 37mm to 95mm. Thus, if your lens has a 58mm filter thread, you need to purchase a 58mm lens cap. Sometimes the filter ring size is marked on the front of the lens. If a filter is fitted, then the filter will usually have its size printed on the side somewhere.

Filter size indicated and measured

If you cant find the filter size marked on the lens, then simply measure the diameter of the filter thread to determine the size you need. The lens above has its filter size marked on the front and confirmed by the rule. The lens below has no markings, but we can measure it at 67mm.


Lens filter size = 67mm


So a quick summary.

We only sell lens caps that fit into a standard filter thread.

Lens caps come in standard sizes from 37mm to 95mm.

Check your lens for the filter size, or if necessary, measure the diameter of the filter thread.

Order a lens cap the same size as the filter thread.


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