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Most photographers eventually come across one of photography's most irritating problems. Lens creep, where by zoom lenses 'grow in length' of their own accord when pointed down. At best it's annoying, at worst it can lead to damage when the photographer suddenly discovers his lens is 1/2 as long again as it was a minute ago.



Zoom creep can work the other way round, with the lens shrinking when pointed up, the result? Missed shots and more frustration.

Some manufacturers are kind enough to fit zoom locks to their products, but many don't. Of course, some lenses are fine when new but develop a bit of creep as they age and the zoom mechanism wears a little. You can't turn off gravity, but neither can you always hold your lens horizontal. So frustration sets in when lens creep occurs during normal use.

You can try rubber bands, but its often an inefficient solution. Standard bands are usually too thin to be effective, they break and are hard to handle.

You can try tape, but that risks depositing adhesive onto your expensive lens, or the tape dries up and falls off.


But now there is a patent pending silicone band designed with specific elastic resistance to stop unwanted zoom creep in camera lenses.

Lens Band



 Lens band is designed to fit all SLR and DSLR zoom lenses regardless of brand.
It's also a useful device to have on a lens to help remove a stuck filter.

Of course if you dont like yellow....


We have plenty more colours to choose from. So you can stay discreet or personalise your lens in 7 different ways.


And finally banish lens creep!

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