I successfully cleaned my DSLR sensor last night. The sensor is much cleaner and I am much happier. Thanks very much!

Peter Howard

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Photography Product Guide - GGS Ocular

If you want to enhance your photography experience further, why not turn your LCD into a viewfinder, with the Ocular. A folding magnifier and sunshade which features a glass LCD protector. It's extremely compact when packed away, but pops up in an instant to turn the rear LCD of a DSLR into a large viewfinder. Its clever magnetic system makes it simple to attach and detach it from the camera.
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The Ocular can be used in sunshade mode or flip the top switch to use the magnifier.
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Available in four colours, each comes with a black storage pouch.
camera accessories, viewfinder, ocular, dslr, lcd screen

Find the Oculars here.

Click below to see the Ocular in use.


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