Many thanks for the swift delivery. Your excellent product arrived at 1.00p.m., in perfect condition.
I am really pleased, with what is a great piece of engineering and fit.
As we are known to say 'up 'ere',..... " it'a real treat!!"

Ralph Fraser

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Hi Peter,
I have just returned from a couple of back to back trips and would like to thank you once again for the help you gave me recently.
As you were aware I was flying off to the States the day after you assisted me. It was obviously a busy time for me and when you said you could visit my house to help me I couldn’t believe it. This made my life so much easier as I work shifts and to visit your shop would have been almost impossible.
In a nut shell I thought your customer service was outstanding, not only to visit me during the morning and taking time out of your schedule but to resolve my problem, teach me the correct way to clean my sensor in future and then not to ask for any payment was amazing! This is not forgetting the approx 100 mile roundtrip you made either!
After creating the original problem myself you managed to save the day as time was running out, this meant that I could take this camera with me and take some great photos along the way.
You have gained a customer here and I could not recommend your company and personal expertise highly enough, I will certainly be telling all my friends about Just Ltd and will be contacting you again soon to order the correct sensor clearing tools.
Thank you once again Peter, the kindness was/is very much appreciated!
Kind regards, Stuat

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for responding quickly.
I must say that I'm very impressed with the high level of customer service that your company has demonstrated.
I will definitely recommend your site to my colleagues and will undoubtedly buy my suppplies from you when my swabs run out!


Hi Peter
Just a quick note to say thanks for the 'sensor cleaning lesson'.
I was suitably impressed with your 'hands on' practical approach to subject I assumed to be beyond mere mortals such as myself.
I will certainly be recommending your products and expertise to other camera users.
Thanks again.
Steve Findlay-Wilson

Dear Sir,
Just to let you know that the items arrived today. Thank you greatly for the efficiency with which you sent me the ordered items. I will definitely tell my colleagues about your good service and efficiency.
I wish you lots of success in the future.
Best regards,

Hello Peter,
I have just finished using the cleaning kit on my Fuji S5.
Test shots show no blemish on the sensor.
The only problem was when I used the final swab to clean the Fresnel lens on the prism. I added some more methanol to the swab (it looked dry). Some of the liquid got behind the lens. 10 evaporating minutes later the view was fine.
Thank you for your help and advice, you have a return customer!
Best Regards,
Kevin Lewis

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your help. Your Web/Phone Support & instructions are first class!

Dear Peter
Just to let you know that my raincover arrived this morning - thank you for your very prompt service.
I have just had a 'trying on' session with the D3 and various lenses, and it seems ideal, much better than the more expensive Kata ones I have had previous experience with.
Many thanks for your excellent service, I'm sure the D3 will be very happy in it's new, snug coat.
Best wishes

Hi Peter,
Many thanks for your excellent service as my Cleaning Kit arrived this morning. My sensor must have been particularly bad as it took four passes to get it clean but I am very pleased with the results.
Do you think the sensor should be cleaned at regular intervals (i.e. every 6
months) or only when specs are noticed/detected?
Thanks again for a great service.
Best regards....Bob
Bob Revie

I'd just like to say what excellent service I have received from you. My order arrived at 8am on 29th April so you must have posted it within seconds of receiving the order.
The items were well priced & exactly as described on your web site I shall certainly be recommending you!

Hi there,
I just recieved my introductory Digital SLR cleaning kit today. I don't know if you need testimonials, but I have to say I am impressed with the product. If you do ever need a testimonial, please tell me so I can write one. Took me 15 minutes from opening to finish to have a clean sensor, and that was whilst being scared of bricking my camera!
Could you tell me what to "refill" the kit with, where can I buy extra swabs and fluid on the site?


Just to say how delighted I am with the sensor cleaning you did on my
Nikon and that you also took the time and trouble
to show me how to properly do a 'wet clean' on the sensor. I've cc'd
this email to friends who also have an interest in photography.

Additionally, I've placed a link to your website -, from my website

Kindest regards,


Hello Peter,
My order arrived today, now that was amazingly quick postage to me, thank you.
I am writing to let you know how I got on.
I counted on my before photo around 40 dust spots. I then cleaned as per instructions with the swabs and E2 fluid. Like you said I had to budget a few swabs for my learning curve!
However after 3 cleans I am really struggling to see a single dust spot!
I am delighted.
Thank you so much for your help, advice and prompt delivery.
I am sure you must get this all the time, but should you wish to use them for your website I have attached an after and before photo.
Kind regards, Rob.
NB Should you wish to use this correspondence too, that is completely ok.

(Items Purchased: Sensor Swabs & E2)

RobShephard_Before_Cleaning   RobShephard_After_Cleaning

Just a quick thanks for posting back my business card holders left on you stand at the Focus Exhibit.
This is much appreciated.
p.s. Your products (illuminated Loupe & dust aid) are brill & your one on one advice was superb.. thanks again
Kind Regards,

Having just bought the Dust-Aid Platinum from yourselves may I say what a pleasure it has been to deal with your company. I had excellent advice and assistance, I watched the help videos and saw how easy it was and ordered over the phone. The kit arrived in a couple of days and with some trepidation i put the DSLR on "Sensor Clean" setting and did the job,it could not have been easier.
A super product from a company that knows about SERVICE a rare thing in these days.
Keith killigrew

Hi Peter,

Just a quick note to say the camera came back today and the sensor is very just how I need it. Thanks a lot. I am very grateful to you and most impressed with the general service I got from your company. I posted a comment on the AP site here: hat&Number=761367&fpart=&PHPSESSID=

If you wanted to use any part of it or any other recommendation I could give on your site or elsewhere I would be delighted to oblige.

Anyway, thanks again


William Scott

Good afternoon Peter,
I thought I would let you know that I successfully cleaned my Nikon D40 sensor - and although a slightly scary learning experience, it should be far easier the next time around!
No apparent damage caused by the cotton bud either, just a few loose threads which i carefully removed.
The E2 solution seemed to smear more so than the Ultraclean, and there is now only one tiny spec of welded dust in the far corner (visible only at the highest F number). Overall very pleased! - many thanks for your previous help and correspondence.
Kind regards,
Chris Harris


Hi Peter
I would like to thank you for your quick response, I am very impressed with the way your company does business, even when involved in a small sale item.
I will check out your tutorial, but it seems that i should get the swab. My sensor has never been cleaned since the camera was bought about 18months ago. I just noticed I was spending forever retouching dust spots. They were really very noticeable, so I will not be too anal about having zero dust.
But to get the major particles off they have as you say been there too long to remove with the dust-aid which is probably a more suitable maintanance tool.
I will try the swabbing system once I check out your tutorial.
Once again thank you very much for your assistance, and please let me know if you require any testimonials for your website or other promo material........Thanks
Mark Nouillan

A Happy New Year to you
Some feedback
My wife separately researched the best way of getting me better organised for photographic shoots as part of my Christmas
By sheer coincidence she choose the Photographers Vest which Just market.
I am amazed at the difference this makes. Everything is permanently packed and immediately usable.
Good choice -I will recommend it to others

Dear Peter
I recieved the cleaning kit this morning and just wanted to email and say what a fantastic quick service you provideI have now used the kit and can take photos over christmas that will be blemish free.
Very many thanks and a happy christmas and prosperous new year.
Nigel Mason

Thank you for the email, the package showed up yesterday and did exactly what I wanted it to.
Thank you for your excellent service and prompt dispatch, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Dr K J Baker
(Items Purchased: Pec-12 & Pec*Pads)

Many thanks for letting me know.
The package arrived today and has already been used successfully to clean my sensor!
Many thanks again,
(Items Purchased: Intro Cleaning Kit)

Hi Peter
Thank for the quick delivery of my introductory digital SLR cleaning kit, it did just as it said on your site, i admit i was very nervous at first about going into the internal bits of my EOS 350d but your instructions which were enclosed were easy and great to follow, i will be recommending your site to all my freinds
Regards Alan Griffin

(Item Purchased: Intro Cleaning Kit)

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for the swift dispatch. I didn’t expect to receive the goods today, having placed the web order yesterday 3.00pm.
Cleaning the sensor took only few minutes and I’m delighted to let you know that now it is like new.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your prompt service and marvelous products to anyone.
Best regards
I Gallella

Hi Peter,
Congratulations on running a great service! Website easy and clear to use - video tutorials are really useful. Received my order this morning after ordering yesterday morning. Will be back again soon!
Kind regards,
Tim Summers

Hi Peter
My order has just been delivered. Tremendous service, will certainly use you again.
Many thanks
Neil Parkhouse

Thanks Peter. It arrived in the post just before easter and has done just the trick with the camera so many thanks for the prompt despatch.
another satisfied customer ;-)
Richard Filippi
(Items Purchased: Sensor Swabs & E2)

Hi Peter,
This is just to say thank you for the excellent service.
So many promise, but fail to deliver.
Yesterday in the morning I had a badly marked piece of film. Today at 09:37 I have received my order and now have a good scan from a cleaned piece of film.
You get top marks for Service, Delivery and not forgetting "Communication".
With thanks and regards,
Michael Mayles

Hi Peter
just to let you know I received the parcel today and i would like to thank you for your fast delivery and good communication.
I will definetelly recommend you.
(Item Purchased: Intro Cleaning Kit)

Thanks for your very quick response, I have cleaned the ccd sensor and It worked excellenty, Thanks very much, Tim Hills.
(Items Purchased: Sensor Swabs & Eclipse)

Thanks for the great service, the Introductory Cleaning Kit arrrived the day after I ordered and worked perfectly. After spending a long time researching the best way to clean my sensor I'm sure I've found the cheapest and easiest way.
Ed P

Hi Peter,
Thought I'd show you the results of my first sensor clean. Before shot taken f32 against sky, after f32 agai

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