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    You can browse our product range below.


Sensor Cleaning
A huge range of sensor cleaning products

Cleaning Fluids

Eclipse cleaning fluid for  sensors & lenses,

PEC-12 for print, slides and negatives.


A wide selection of blowers and aerosol dusters for photographic use.

Cleaning Cloths
Micro-Fibre cloths and wipes,  Anti-Static cloths, Pec*Pads and Tissues.
Anti-Static  brushes for cleaning lenses, film and scanners. Ultra-soft brushes for sensors.

General Cleaning Kits

Lens and Body cleaning kits

M-Rock Camera Bags
M-Rock's durable and highly functional camera bags.
Body Protection
Rain covers, Silicone body covers, Camera Pouches
 and more!

Lens Protection
SLR Lens and Body caps, White Balance Caps,
Lens Pouches and Wraps and more!

LCD Protection
Glass, Film and removable LCD Protectors for DSLR's
Straps & Grips
B-Grip, Camera straps, Trekking shoulder harness, hand grips and shoulder pads
Video Accessories
Shoot professional DSLR video with these high quality
Shooting Vests, Lightweight shooters rain poncho and a pop-up changing room
Photographers gloves, seamless stretch nylon gloves, Anti-Static gloves & cotton gloves.
Lighting Accessories
A small range of useful lighting products
Various useful photographic accessories


Company Introduction

Dust is the bane of every photographer’s life. Whether it is dust on the lens, dust on the sensor, the scanner or on transparencies and negatives. Dust can degrade optical equipment, ruin an image, add to retouching costs and damage valuable equipment. Whichever way you look at it, dust costs – period.

At Just we are dedicated to providing solutions to dust problems. We don’t promise to eliminate dust from your life, but we do strive to make it a manageable problem by providing cost effective solutions for a wide variety of imaging situations.

For digital SLR photographers we have safe, guaranteed products to help keep the imaging sensor clean. We also provide guidance, tutorials, product videos and telephone support to help you achieve success when cleaning the sensor.

With some companies charging up to £150 to clean the sensor in a digital SLR, it makes sound economic sense to manage this issue yourself.

Need Sensor Cleaning Help? We can show you how!

You may also find our frequently asked question page helpful - Frequently Asked Questions!

For the film photographer we offer a range of cleaning materials for film, slides, negatives, prints and scanners.

Beyond Cleaning

To help look after your photographic equipment, we also provide a range of protective products. Camera Bags from M-Rock and Herringbone, Waterproof Covers, Lens Pouches, LCD Protectors, Camera Straps, Grips, Shooting Vests, Video Accessories and much more.

Photographic equipment is expensive – look after it!